I have a sketchbook assignment that I’m working on in my spare time and it’s actually quite fun. Ching’s “Drawing: A creative process” was recommended, but it’s only available online. I wanted to get started fairly quickly and went to B&N to look for a book and found “Freehand Sketching: An Introduction” by Paul Laseau. As it turns out, that’s the book I’ll be using in Italy! I thought that was pretty cool. I’ll still be ordering Ching’s book, though.
I actually took a day trip to Richmond on Saturday and went the scenic route through Southern MD. Breathtaking! (And calm…I love starting roadtrips before the sun comes up. I get to watch the sunrise as I go.) Anyway, I happened to pass a pretty little church, Emmanuel Church, in Port Conway, VA just before 301 crosses 17. It was amazing! I kick myself now for not stopping and taking ten minutes to do a quick outline, because I ended up coming back home on 95. Although, I guess I could still sketch from a picture. This one I found online from a local pinhole camera photographer.


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