RFP from IDSA!!

I got this in my email not too long ago…I pray there will be a TON of submittals, b/c this sounds like an awesome course. I’m def. intrigued by Industrial Design as well as Interior…
Request for Proposals: Basic Design Drawing Seminar / Drawing for Making
March 24, 2006
The Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA), committed to advancing the profession of industrial design through education, information, community and advocacy, is soliciting proposals for the development of curriculum for a Basic Design Drawing course. This course will be aimed at recent industrial design graduates; however, it will be open to anyone. The emphasis of the course will be on “visually communicating ideas,” rather than simply improving drawing techniques. It will cover advanced drawing techniques, but be taught in such a way that it is adaptable to the individual levels of each student. The course will consist of a two-day, 16-hour course, followed by a 4-week weblog. The course will be a live, in-person seminar with a limited number of students (maximum 30).
Included with the projects presented during the seminar itself will be two follow-up projects, based on the lesson plan. These assignments will be due the following week and one week after that, respectively. They will be sent and received via e-mail. Students will be entitled to two revisions by instruction staff per drawing with final drawings developed and presented in four weeks. Students will be limited to presenting two concepts and two drawings each, for a total of four presented drawings, due to time considerations. Feedback will be directed through an IDSA-hosted weblog format.
The curriculum must include:
An outline of topics to be covered;
Detailed examples of drawing/rendering
Required readings/course materials;
Hand-outs, as appropriate;
References for further reading/study;
Specific assignments;
Plan for how the weblog will accompany the
Specified format for adequate electronic
Criteria for passing of students (course is
A step-by-step teaching manual for national deployment.
Proposals for developing this curriculum should include a brief description of:
Cost and timing;
Special equipment/facility needs;
Proposed approach to such a curriculum;
Credentials for developing such a curriculum.
Proposals must be submitted by April 14, 2006 to Leslie Cron (LeslieC@idsa.org).
For more information on IDSA, visit www.idsa.org.

Industrial Designers Society of America


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