New Things!

Last time, I promised I’d share new information that I’d learned (for those of you already in the Interior Design industry, it may not be new).

Did you know that you could work for the Federal Government as an Interior Designer?

It’s right! One of my classmates (who works for a federal agency) told me that Interior Designers can work for the Navy (although, you’d have to be located in OH, I believe) and also for the GSA! I think that’s awesome!

Also, another area you may consider with your ID Degree: Strategic Planning. It’s definitely a good area if you are interested in numbers, real estate and business because that’s a good deal of what these folks are about. I thought that was really cool, too.
Cool Software that I was informed about today: SketchUp ( Check it out! They have a free Google SketchUp download that you can use personally AND if you’re a student, the Education License is only $50!! You can’t get any better than that.


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