First full day in Toscania, Italy

Yay! Iìm finally here – the weather is beautiful and hot. the landscape and the towns are just fantastic looking! I’ve had time to think more about the history and architecture/design: the design of these towns tell a story to us today about the time in which these people lived. i guess my challenge re: design is asking myself what story i would like someone to know about the time in which i lived or my culture lived. when i build/design/create whatever it is i do, i have to keep in mind that there is a story to be told. also, iàm learning that craftmanship is key to good architecture and design. without the crafter, you have a shell that can fall apart easily. there is something there to be said about a good education, be it an apprenticeship, a school, or just life itself.

ciao – i hope this doesnàt all show up in italian!


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