Final Thoughts + Summer Planning

I think I’ve finally come down a little from my Italy trip. We had our final presentations and sketch projects due yesterday. I have to say it was quite a learning experience…especially since it was my first design studio and my first time officially learning how to sketch. It was quite intense and sometimes exhausting, but I’m so glad I did it!

I had previously planned to purchase a laptop and a student version of AutoCAD to practice on since I don’t have anymore classes this summer, but the laptop will have to wait. I think I will purchase the AutoCAD, though and start “somewhat” teaching myself how to use it.

My updated summer list:
– Learn to sew on a machine
– Design and “make” a table (inspired by some friends)
– Have a yard sale
– Roadtrip!!

Of course, this in addition to hanging out with my friends and family!!


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