Mid-term Check In

As this semester has gone on (and on) and I’m getting back into the swing of things (time management anyone?) I realize every now and then I have to “check back in” and get back to the root of why I’m doing all of this…to become educated on design and get a passport to my future. I’m interested in so many aspects of the design world – product design, space planning, furniture design…and I love how design and technology work together. I don’t want to completely give up the a/v kid and the business maven (is that the right word?) in me…those parts still matter in design because my experience is *always* worth something.
What I’ve learned so far is that pure design is filled with a certain amount of fear…at times it can test your self-confidence because your work is based on talent. When you feel your self-confidence dropping, it’s your education you should fall back on to pick you up…to help you remember where you started, how far along you’ve come and the wise musings of those who led you along the way. Once you’ve rekindled that core of you, it feels…re-energizing. Nothing can stand in your way and the path is once again clear.
(That being said, I’m going to put off the portfolio notes I’d promised until winter break so I can give it the time and attention it fully deserves.)


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