Textile Industry looks hopeful for grads

This is an interesting article from the Charlotte Observer.

Textile graduates find it’s key to stretch
3 of 4 followed by the Observer find fit amid industry in flux

Five years ago, they were ambitious college students hopeful that jobs awaited them in the shrinking U.S. textile industry.

Today, they’re alums of N.C. State University’s College of Textiles, and all have jobs. But none works in a factory. One was laid off from a plant a year out of college, prompting a career change.

In 2001, with the U.S. textile industry closing plant after plant, the Observer profiled four students from the College of Textiles. They described skepticism from friends and relatives about their career plans, and said they repeatedly explained that they were preparing for jobs that bear little resemblance to the “Norma Rae” image of factory drudgery.

Read the rest of the article


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