Learning the Design Process

My first assignment in this semesters course is to design a “contemplative” space that is 24×32 ft.

I was SO excited when I got the assignment!!

But where should I start?

In this case, I started with my interpretation of contemplative…I asked myself what activities I did that helped me to relax and contemplate. I identified: reading, writing/drawing/crafts, eating (yes, i love to celebrate relaxation with good food), and spirituality.

For the past few days, I’ve been drawing up a floor plan using zoning, circulation and a dash of inspiration. I’m drawing from Airstream’s International CCD designer Christopher Deams inspiration of modernizing mobile trailers, my Italy experience and small space layouts from different books. Mind you, I’m not cheating and just taking entire design concepts…I use the designer’s “lesson” – why they arranged the space in the way they did – to use toward my space. I think I finally have a workable plan and will put it together over the next couple of days.

The book Interior Design Course by Tomris Tangaz really helped me in this initial attempt since this is only my second studio course. (My first one was in Italy and it was fantastic! But I needed a little prompt to get me going on this project…).

Tomris’ book is helping me organize my thoughts into a logical process and has even given me ideas about developing a sketch model and section drafts. I highly suggest it for those who are just starting out in studio courses and want to spend more time actually working on the project than asking multiple questions. (Because time management is really important!!)

Anyway, when this is done, I’ll have a better idea for the process and I’ll be ready for my portfolio review in the next few months!



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