Design 21 & an update

If you haven’t heard of Design 21, I suggest you Register yourself. Design 21 is a Social Design Network that brings together all design disciplines for the greater good. I’m registered as aishaj – be sure to let me know your screenname when you register.
So far I’ve read a blog post on the lack of knowledge of design process and creative proposals (the author reflects that this might be the cause of confusion among non-designers about what defines design, since there’s so much *bad* design out there). The feedback was amazing and insightful – one poster commented that bad design was necessary (which i believe) and others even delved into the idea that designers should have a general list of backgrounds/skills.

I’m stretching my wings and started a part-time business! I’m keeping it small b/c of school and work, but it should help me get a foot up on my general design skills (not just interior design) and will actually compel me to study and research the design process on my own, rather than waiting for someone to tell me about it in class. Also, I’ll be posting about my projects, what I learned and what I can change here on DesignLife 101!

Check out Aishaj Creative!

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