inventions, part 1

my friend calls them “hubcap” moments. they’re those times when you’re in a conversation and it’s flowing and then, BAM! The conversation hits a bump that only you felt and you randomly start talking about something COMPLETELY different – leaving the other persons or people in the conversation to wonder “did i miss something?”

that’s what happened when i was riding along, literally, with my father on a road trip. we were talking about the weather and heating bills and then there was a moment of silence. all of a sudden, i said “what if they invented clear solar panels and replace window panes with clear solar panels and reroute the energy into the building systems?” my dad just kinda sat there and looked at me really funny – possibly because of the hubcap moment.

but i thought more about the idea and turned to my best friend…google. google (well, metropolis magazine told google who told me) said that a company in Japan developed transparent solar panels way back in 2004. Seriously, no kidding!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Kanazawa Bus Terminal, Japan (source: MSK)

amazingly, the material can also be used as a projection screen!


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