On Romance

I recently wrote an article on romantic destinations. It really made me think about my ideas about romance. When I was young, I used to spend afternoons reading romance novels, watching romantic black and white movies and listening to motown crooners proclaim their love. Needless to say, my ideals for romance were way too high once I started dating -they were all wrong!
Romance is…customized. It changes from person to person and couple to couple. True romance evolves from deep interpersonal relating, essentially, listening to and welcoming another person with full awareness. Once you’ve connected to another person that way, romance is just a simple act – a divine celebration meant only for you and your loved one.

So, my idea? Find yourself in a connected relationship and act on that connection without reservation. That is true romance.


4 thoughts on “On Romance

  1. I recently started a blog and it revolves around conversation…(obviously lol) and since I’m new to the blogging world or course i wouldn’t have many comments right yet. So depending on the subject of the day i posted i go looking for answers on other blogs. So far this is the most straight forward answer yet. you have a really fresh point of view and a real simple way of expressing it. 🙂

  2. Thanks Brittany! What is your blog url? I’d love to read it!
    I just thought most about what I longed so much for in my past relationships and why I felt that way. I was a big romance novel reader as a KID – truly a setup for disappointment. And here lately I’ve been on a spirituality kick, so I’m thinking – even if I meet everyone of my soulmates – what law is there saying that I have to nail them down and marry them? But that is a whole other tagent/blog post…:)

  3. Hi aishaj nys points..I started with a story in my blog that uncovers my view points on various aspects…plz have a reading and do comment..i assure u that u will enjoy the script…i m on way to publish it..


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