Inventions, Part II

WOW! The invention bug must be going around my family – I had a pretty lively discussion with my Uncle over the weekend and he has a GREAT idea for a children’s game…seriously – it is THE coolest idea!

So, I dug up a book called “Secrets from an Inventor’s Notebook” by Maurice Kanbar, a pretty well-known guy in the business of inventions. If you want to come up with the world’s next invention, the book suggests these steps:

1. Make sure you’re solving a problem! It makes no sense to invent something useless.

2. Make a Model – or what’s commonly known as a prototype. This is a working idea of your invention that future investors can hear/touch/taste/smell.

3. Lock down your idea – this is probably the BIGGEST step in the process. If you don’t protect and patent your idea, it could fall into the hands of the wrong person, i.e. NOT YOU!

4. Make it or Sell it? – This is a big decision too – if you manufacture your invention yourself, you’re in for big costs. However, if you let some other sucker, er – manufacturer (that’s better) build, package and sell your invention for a fee, you could be coasting on easy street and working on your next design. It’s all about how much you have to spend AND if the invention calls for large-scale manufacturing.

5. Be Marketing Smart – How will people know about your product? How will you package it? What’s the price? These are not easy questions to answer, but the fun part is that there are people you can hire to do this (industrial designers/marketers). From there, Marketing Specialists can help you get the word out about your business in an innovative way.

Do you have a winning invention? Be sure to follow these steps to help you along the way!


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