Imagine something Different

In the middle of putting together the details for my “Secrets of Successful High Earners” Seminar, I started thinking back on my intentions for the seminar. Although I’m offering this program to women in the DC/MD/VA area for the April 5 event, I initially wanted to offer it to young women in High School and College, but at the time I had NO CLUE how to get the information to them. I still don’t know, but that isn’t going to stop me.

I got to imagining something different, though, and I think I may have another idea. Remember the BEST family reunion you ever went to? I LOVE family reunions b/c I get to see family members I haven’t seen or heard from in forever. But after the hugs have been made, the food has been eaten and the kids are playing out on the lawn, I sit and talk to my relatives and find some interesting things. Outside of the gossip (!), I start seeing that we all share similar issues…some problems that need solutions.

So, imagine something different. Imagine that the list of family reunion activities includes a business/financial seminar. Imagine spiritual healing session outside of the pew. Imagine having an educational presentation for the kids who are in school or gearing up to go to college. Imagine each generation learning to create a legacy in their own right.

It’s a beautiful thing!

I just wanted to share that.


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