Break…for love.

I should be honest – the last few weeks (well, before last weekend) have been really hellish. With all the stuff going on around me, I was really really really ready for a break and some much needed *ME* time. Sometimes, the routine of daily life can make you forget that there is a whole world outside of the office walls and new discoveries waiting beyond your front door.

So, last week, off I went to the Dominican Republic for a fantastic spiritual, emotional and physical retreat. Can I just say that I was READY for this trip? The past nine months of my life have been spent going through some serious personal and spiritual changes – all for the better of course, but even GOOD change can be stressful.

I spent time on the beach, taking in the beautiful blue water, white sand and clear skies. I spent enlightening and hilarious times with old friends and new friends. I relaxed a little and let go of a LOT of stress. And oddly enough, when it was time to leave and I was walking onto the tarmac to board the plane, I felt ready to face my daily life again, but this time as a new person – the real me. The woman with no worries, no stress and no reason to be shy anymore. I came back with goals and plans that didn’t involve anything but pure love and the desire to fulfill all my dreams without reservation.

So, just a gentle reminder – sometimes you gotta break out…for creativity, for focus and when it comes down to it, for love.


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