Why I write…

Lately, I think I’ve spent more time talking about writing than actually writing. However, I’m blessed to have so many wonderful creative souls in my life that drop in to inspire and motivate me. I think the back and forth conversations with them has finally dropped my self-imposed blocks so I can tackle this “writing” thing. 🙂

I’ve been writing since I was 12 years old. My favorite school assignment in the world was writing my first “book” in elementary/jr. high school. I remember my story was inspired by my complete fascination with “Miami Vice” and the unfortunate passing of a teenage cousin in Florida. To me, Latisha Fashe (my main character) was a real person, a true detective and big sister whose life revolved around saving her remaining brother. One had been killed by a drug dealer in their youth. The other was now falling deeper into the pit of a drug addiction.

I wrote it because I wondered “What would I have done to save my cousin if I could? Could I save him in this story?”. I didn’t know Cortney very well – I was a kid. He was older than I was when I last saw him, but he was one of those cool teenagers. He and his mom and brothers had come up to visit for awhile one summer. Anyway, when they returned to Florida, he got caught up in the wrong crowd, which is how he eventually lost his life. As I was still young, I couldn’t connect to the reality of his death…I want to say that even I blocked it out until I wrote that story.

Looking back, I think I can say that writing has always been theraputic for me. It started with keeping a journal (you’d be surprised how theraputic a journal can really be) and continued into a bit of a side career. At the moment, I mostly write feature articles. It’s been a great experience, but I’m ready to move into seeing my thoughts and imagination in print. I write in the hopes of being of some purpose and use to someone else’s life.

So what is next for me? I think developing a short story is in my future. As well as a script or a film (with my sister, Karida and my friend, Kathy G.)  But above all, I think this writing thing…may make all my dreams come true.


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