I’m sad…

no luv from my projects or the community?

no luv from my projects or the community?

My community newsletter will no longer be published!!! It makes me sad that I’ll no longer have close access to what’s going on around the community or what new businesses are around. I have a mind to start an online newsletter, but I realize that not all the homeowners or residents around here are interested in the same things a young, single woman is interested in (technology, fashion, local and national arts and culture, volunteering, small business, personal finance, DIY home projects…and dating.)


This on top of having no success lately in building up Creative Campus participation. I’m still trying to develop it, but really it really is more of an Open-source/UnConference type of group…the group creates Creative Campus and the only place of the facilitator is to provide a place/date/time. The last two meetings have been me at the local Starbucks drawing and writing with a nice cold ice tea/lemonade. Don’t get me wrong, it’s actually fun to have time set aside to do those things – I just guess I don’t know how to bring people out…maybe they actually want some structure? In that case, I’m more than happy to find someone to speak at the meetings, or even teach myself. I’m thinking I might do that…I’ve always wanted to do a short course on journaling and blogging.

So I guess I’m not so much sad as I am…challenged. And behind every challenge is a very valuable lesson, correct? That’s how I’m going to look at it…


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