The winds of Change

Wow – this week has been one of the most amazing in my lifetime. Barack Obama is this nation’s 44th President! I love the energy and spirit of unity he brings to the position and to the country. I’m sure that he’ll do well with the support of those who voted him into office – he is surrounded by so many of the *right* people!

The wind of change has me focused again on my business. Today, I met with a friend to help her get an idea of a design for her soon-to-be renovated house. I’m excited to have the chance to help her out! I want to give her as many options and ideas as possible…

Also, I’m working on a short article on Clagget Farm, run by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. I stopped by the farm to follow up in person on my phone call/emails and luckily they were very friendly and receptive! 🙂 The farm’s Director even gave me a tour – I had no idea the place was so expansive! I can’t wait to get back out there and take a few photos…

In goal-keeping news, I’ve signed up for a Ladies Who Launch course. I got an opportunity to speak with the DC Workshop leader and I was really energized – I can’t wait! For those who are interested, check out the site:

Other than that, things are pretty good. I’m really excited at being a part of the Obama Administration and continuing the work done in the campaign throughout the next eight years (and beyond)!


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