What’s on my list/mind lately

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I was able to finally take a break and just breathe. It was revitalizing to be at my grandmother’s in the mountains of southwest Virginia.

All the same, I still had internet access at the hotel where I was staying some 15 minutes from my grandma’s house. The night before we left, I got an email offer from Valerie Young of Changingcourse.com to download audio from a seminar featuring two of my favorite entreprenuerial guru’s: Barbara Sher and Barbara Winter (if you don’t know them, google them!! My favorite works of theirs: Refuse to Choose and Making a Living Without A Job). Of course, I jumped at the offer. The audio has been keeping my inspiration flowing. However, I’m noting a few things as I listen:

  1. I need to network with a positive, cheerleading group of sucessful female entreprenuers. I’ve always seemed to seek out information in a bubble, and quite frankly, that bubble has burst – it’s time to join the crowd!
  2. I have to make sure I’m always keeping track of my passion! In wanting to develop and start my business, other really cool ideas have popped up. When they do, I keep track of them and write down the initial idea and preliminary plan. This leads me to number three…
  3. I need to find others to sign up to help me! When I put #1 and #2 together, I see I need to surround myself with those who have similar goals and passions that not only support me, but can help develop and bring in business!

Moving forward, I believe I’m getting closer to some of the real secrets of being successful in business. And how do I know these things are true? I see them in action everyday by other passionate business owners, even in (what some would consider) the most mundane of businesses.


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