Grown-Up Christmas vs. Kid Christmas

I keep wondering if I’m going to get bored with grown-up Christmas. Do you? It’s beginning to grow on me. I keep thinking back to when I was a kid and how early in the morning we used to scramble to open gifts and discover what toys Santa left for us.

Now, well…the race to the Tree has slowed considerably. These days my siblings and I wake up early, help mom finish baking, help dad season the turkey, straighten up the house and set the table. In between, we’re all joking, taste-testing (lol) and remembering Christmases past while a Motown’s worth of holiday music serenade’s us. By the time we open gifts, we’ve almost forgotten that there were even gifts under the tree.

I think…I think I’ll take a grown up Christmas any day. The memories are just too priceless.


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