Before you go…an ode to 2008

Early on, I should have sensed something was different. You were filled with illusions…sometimes I felt like I was walking on the set of a very weird “B”-movie. There were some actors (people I valued very much) who changed roles, completely. And there were those who didn’t seem to know how to leave their role once they left the set. Some of them believed that the movie was actually their life…it kinda scared me. I wanted to shake them and ask them where their senses had gone.

But, ever the observer, I sat and watched. I found friends who watched all the craziness and madness right along with me (I had fun being the comic relief) and consoled me in the sad parts. I even yelled at the screen a few times. Sure, I had bit roles…but even in playing myself (and being true to myself), I was played…then found myself played out.

In the end, 2008, you were a pretty bad movie. However, I did learn something:  how to see through illusion and decide whether or not I want to buy into it. I learned who my real friends were and I reinforced my support system.

I once read a book that said “Life’s most moving moments are found right in the middle of sadness and loss”. I took it to mean that we grow best in times like these. I don’t hate you 2008…not at all. I consider you time well spent.

But while you’re here, can you tell 2009 to bring good friends, lots of healing, the following of career & spiritual passions and a bit of overseas travel here and there ?



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