History and Milestones – All in a Day

Yesterday was one of the most historic days in American History…in world history….it was just fantastic!

Barack Obama is OFFICIALLY PRESIDENT Barack Hussein Obama, 44th President of the United States of America!! The First person of color to HOLD this OFFICE!

I’m telling you… fantastic!! I don’t even know how to describe the emotions I had and still have! I was jubilant, exuberant elated and…HAPPY!

But what struck me most was something President Obama said during his Inaugural Speech. He challenged America and the world, saying “it’s time to put away childish things”. That phrase struck a chord in me and I didn’t really get the impact of it until I was on my way home from visiting a group of women that I met through my alumni network. (I don’t think they know how much just being in their WONDERFUL presence for that short time taught me!)

I have the trappings of adulthood: good job, mortgage, car, and able to take care of myself…but I realize (after a nice Q & A session with myself) that there are too many people that I’ve allowed to define my “adulthood” to me. Don’t get me wrong, all the people that guided me, mentored me and advised me on right and wrong as I was growing up were all awesome people…especially my parents. To be truthful, I was blessed. But not since I’ve gained this age/status/ownership-defined “adulthood” have I taken the time to really examine what kind of adulthood *I* needed! For so long, I’ve been working to meet some generalized “adulthood”.

So, I asked myself: “Self,” I said “What does being an adult mean to me?”

Softly and gently, the answer came to me on the drive home: Being an adult, to me, is knowing that in any situation, wherever I go, no matter what happens to me…I’m assured that “Aisha” is there.

It was another a-ha moment, but without fanfare or trumpets…it was more like one very bright flash of light. This was something deeply personal that I’d been working with for the past year or so – really getting to know myself.

Who is the “Aisha” that I need when a challenge arrives or when the Universe asks something of me that requires me to go beyond the security of comfortable “things”? Again, the light flashed. That “Aisha” is strong, independent, bold, beautiful and can stand her ground ANYWHERE she plants herself or finds herself positioned. She survives and thrives and is successful in any circumstance because she is resourceful.

This realization was like a shot of steel in my backbone. For the first time in my adult years, I sat up straight, realizing and honoring that Aisha, (and President Barack Obama!)…had arrived.

Now, don’t get me wrong. “Know Thyself.” is a quote I hold dear to my heart. However, it’s my honest belief that our labels should not precede us, but hold us up as our common Humanity takes the lead in this world.

So, Thank you, President Obama for letting your light shine and for inspiring and challenging us all to do the same!


2 thoughts on “History and Milestones – All in a Day

  1. Wow Aisha! This is my first time on your blog page so I just wanted to say hello and that I really enjoyed reading this post. Second, I would like to say that I can definitely relate with you on this topic. Having relocated out here from Maryland to Los Angeles has had both it’s advantages and disadvantges for me. On one hand, I have chosen to pursue my dream, start over and go for the goal. A decision that has changed my life and exposed me to a lot of new experiences. On the other hand, I have often felt like I should be so much further established for an adult my age. I especially feel this way whenever I talk to/ catch up with friends back in DC/MD. When I see /hear them them talk about getting married, buying their 1st house or the everyday demands that come with raising a family. I have often, felt like my life here in Cali was more of a child-like a fantasy or movie to put it plainly.

    But after having thought about it so many times and finally taking it to God, I eventually found the answer I was looking for. I realized that it was stupid for me to try to validate my adulthood by the progress of others. My coming of age into adulthood has been my own. By choosing to relocate here and press the “restart button’ I have weathered my own storms, taken own my own responsibilities and shaped my own unique experiences into adulthood. I’ve had to learn that in the end, Chris know that he is a responsible adult and that’s all that matters. I have a great paying Job, A beautiful apartment, car, bills, etc. I manage my responsibilities here just as well as any of my friends would back home–maybe better! It just so happens that where most people took the life side of the track with their lives, I decided to take the right side of the track.

    In the end, I have learned that everyone’s rites of passage into adulthood is their own to follow. As long as I am taking care of my responsibilites, while steadily working to make my dreams come true I am being “an adult.”

  2. Thanks Chris! You know I’ve been thinking about this post for awhile. 🙂

    I’m thinking about pressing a restart button of my own and building up the foundation and courage to do so in the near future. It’s actually so real and so close, it’s almost like taking a natural step in my career.

    I like how you said choosing the right side vs. the life side. In some ways, that’s how I live. I think I celebrate my friends progressions in life more than they do! It’s beautiful to see the good things happening in their lives because it means that good things *do* happen.

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