My Dream ENG Kit

In my Multimedia Journalist research, I’ve come across some AWESOME blogs on the topic. But being a Multimedia Specialist (not just editing, but also pulling wires, terminating cables, programming user interfaces and such), I wonder if some of the audio tools being used are really giving the quality of sound that the final package deserves?

At the moment, I’m only using a cheapo Panny voice recorder and capturing it through Audacity. But if I could dream for a sec? I would totally get a Marantz PMD-660K . Yeah, it’s totally clunky looking, but with the card option, XLR & USB options…it’s completely sweet. I have a suspicion that I’m still stuck on the lessons I got from grizzly old broadcast guys, though. I see the need for an external storage or a raid setup is in my future.

As far as cameras, I’m hoping to upgrade to a Canon (Powershot SD 700/800 series…maybe). Multimedia Shooter recommends the SD series in their Starter Kit. I’m tackling audio and photo composition now, as well as testing out Windows Movie Maker and Soundslide. I have a bit of experience with Final Cut Pro at work, so once I get the audio/photo/video down I can test my newsmaking skills with that as well.

Maybe I won’t have to go to grad school if I can scrape together my kit, skills and j-abilities? (Speaking of which, I came across a great blog about whether or not people should go to grad school for journalism from Mindy McAdams. I don’t know if I’m in the execption, but plan to post a question and possibly get some advice.)

In the meantime, check out this example of using Soundslides: the day after Obama’s win in photos/audio (by Erik Castro).


4 thoughts on “My Dream ENG Kit

  1. Thanks for posting this on FB!

    I didn’t understand the techie talk …. but the link to the advice on not going to Unil was SPOT ON!

    When I left high school I thought the thing to do was, of course, go to University. Ha! Well I did have fun playing hearts … hmm, wonder if that’s why I failed physics?

    I dropped out after the first year and went to technical school. Much better.

    So, not all schools teach useless crap you don’t need … well, except when playing Trivial Pursuit.

    But, better ways are to actually DO the stuff you want to learn. That’s why internships are great.


  2. Thanks! That’s where I really had a lot of fun – during my internship at Voice of America (working in their broadcast studios). I learned a lot and got to meet a TON of interesting people – I felt like I traveled the world and never even left DC!

    This may be a new blog posting…

  3. I would love to read about your experiences at Voice of America, I bet it’s fascinating.

    BTW, thx for changing the commenting options, I can comment now! yay!

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