I’ve decided, with the Ladies Who Launch Incubator, to start a part-time multimedia consulting business focusing on providing multimedia services of all kinds to Education and other organizations by way of crowdsourcing.

It’s similar to how government works. They identify a problem, designate money to it, put out an RFI or RFP and chose the best of the best. I believe this could work with multimedia projects in the same manner – helping people solve a particular multimedia issue by reaching across all the varied ranges of what could fall under multimedia: broadcast engineers, IT professionals, audiovisual engineers, graphic/web designers and even “green” technology specialists. (Also, I feel we would be nothing without Interior and Industrial Designers :wink:)

My key service, however, will be in training. The biggest issue with existing multimedia is in the operation and management of existing solutions. There are also a great number of Education/Government entities dealing with the issue of having outdated technology and trying to make it work without dedicated on-site support. Or even the opposite – they have brand-new technology and no one on hand to, well, give them a hand!

I want to change that. I want to provide solutions that meet these needs. With the help, knowledge and dedication of other multimedia professionals, I’m sure this can be done.

Challenge #1 is finding other professionals willing to work on projects.

Challenge #2 is finding entry-level projects to help build the business.


– Your church wants to podcast/stream their services.

– A small school wants to record special events for parents and sell the DVD’s as a fundraising effort.

– Your agency no longer has on-site conference support and you need documentation on how to use the equipment.

If you can help with any of those, I’d truly appreciate your help. A wise person once said “How can anyone help you if you don’t ask?”. So there.



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