Tangent Obsession…

…Meeting Spaces for freelancers, creatives and people who just plain want a change of scenery to do their work.

photo from Springwise.com website coverage of Meet

photo from Springwise.com website coverage of Meet

So, one of my truly design/multimedia/creativity obsessions has been Meeting Spaces. It was sparked by a write-up about Meet at The Apartment  on Springwise (one of my favorite places to track inspired business ideas). Apparently, the Meeting/Events industry, especially with the current economy, is starting to get innovative in order to draw revenue. They’re providing spaces for those that may not have the brick and mortar, or the technology, to pull off meetings and conferences.

Meet is only one of a diverse many. Not only are these spaces for meetings, they also fall under the category of incubator, product testing spaces, or what Trendwatching likes to call “being spaces“.  Anyone with a service, design or creative business with a storefront could probably offer up meeting spaces for groups and even drive new sales in the process! 
Whatever customer they serve, these small to moderate scale meeting spaces can be found in many major metropolitan areas.

Check out Catalyst Ranch , Thinkubator or WorkSpring in Chi-town.

In NY, there’s also SohoSoleil and InGoodCompany (for women in business).

Looking for a space in the DC area? Try Space88.

Even Columbus is home to SparkSpace.

I love the flexibility of this idea and it seems in these odd times, having affordable spaces for businesses to meet or conduct business would make good use of abandoned retail real estate.


4 thoughts on “Tangent Obsession…

  1. Great post Aisha – spaces like this are amazing for creatives and entrepreneurs – in DC another great option is the Affinity Lab in Adams Morgan. The group has been getting lots of media attention lately and are expanding into other areas in the District.

  2. Aisha,

    Thanks so much for mentioning our locations on your site. Did you know that we also do a lot of web videos, still photo shoots, TV commercials as well as corporate meetings?

    You can see SoHoSoleil (one word, could you correct on your site?) Locations next on Sunday, April 5, NBC TV, 9p EST. Celebrity Apprentice shot the episode in the CornerLight and MeetingSite locations.

    Kindest Regards,


  3. Hi Wendy! Thanks for stopping in – I’m more than happy to make the change. I’m so obsessed with meeting spaces like yours – how did you get started?

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