Working Backstage

I’ve been more “behind-the-scenes” than usual, getting more and more involved with all the areas involving multimedia in my life and trying to figure out how that transfers into my business.

It’s weird now, but as I look back, being out of the spotlight, backstage and behind the scenes has been a recurring theme in my life. When I was 12, I chose to work backstage at the church fashion shows over trying out to be in the show. In high school, I worked on a student-run TV show through Fairfax County – traveling to nearby schools interviewing kids on relevant topics, then turning them into news packages with guidance from an advisor. In college, I interned with Voice of America – running audio boards, working in Master Control (with some really cool people!) and doing camera work for Mandarin, Russian and Spanish talk shows – awesome stuff!

I guess when I started my business, in some odd way, I expected to be in the spotlight…somewhere I’m not used to being! But in the last couple of weeks, I’ve discovered that I’m right where I need to be for what I’m doing: behind-the-scenes. It’s exactly who I am and where I, personally, have more influence and access to make powerful & necessary changes. It’s where I have a say in what goes on in the spotlight.

So, back here among all the wires, curtains and cables, I’m still making connections, developing ideas and building JMG!

What have you been up to?


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