Teen Tech Presentation & MultimediaCamp!

So, along with the Tech Ministry at my church this past saturday, I had a chance to talk to some teens about Social Media and Social Networking. I honestly had no clue what to talk about since I wasn’t sure how they used (or wanted to use) technology in their everyday lives.
They were a great group though – most of them use Myspace and they have some really awesome career aspirations (Event Coordinator, Inventor, Shoe/Apparel Designer, Architect, Accountant, Graphics/Software Designer, etc). I wanted to show them that social networking is kind of like a playground and social media is what you create in order to share. Also, I included some interaction pieces in there to get them involved and to find out more about what they wanted to do with technology and what interested them, so most of the slides were for discussion.

The kids were really eager to talk and we got useful feedback – they wanted more hands-on stuff and also, pizza was the food of choice rather than subs!

After seeing posts from Tracy Boyer & Megan Taylor’s blogs on their own speaking engagements, I’m really excited to share more information with my network/community of techies, designers, writers and filmmakers (young and old alike).

In fact, I’d love to find speakers/attendee’s for a MultimediaCamp in the DC area this summer. I feel it would be a great chance for those that don’t traditionally work in creative technology to learn to bring their craft or story to a “global platform” (as Brian Storm put it) with multimedia. If you’re interested in speaking or attending, please let me know by filling out the interest form.


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