Status: New Setup

Finally got my iMac! Well, actually I got it about a month ago…I’m so glad to finally join the Mac world – it just makes editing video so much easier. I’ve had a busy couple of weeks working on video projects and it’s a great learning experience. For awhile there, I was just immersed in the editing process. I don’t know if it was the topic or the process, but I feel so at home when I’m putting the video all together into something cohesive. However, lessons abound (which is always good) and I’m finding that I need to get more equipment soon – nothing with a huge price tag, but I definitely need to start bringing in paying opportunities and setting up a menu of services so I can get that equipment.

So far, my feature writing and web editing services have been giving the most immediate payoffs and I’d like to see if I can take that further. I’ve also been consulting with some small biz owners to advise them on Social Media services: How to choose the best outlet, Joining the Conversation and so forth.

This week was awesome, though! I spoke with a friend and Filmmaker/Photographer who invited me to a Women in Film and Video event on Final Cut Pro Workflow – it was really informative! I’ve worked with FCP before on the job and always wanted to use it more efficiently, so I was glad to be among people who used it often and humorous Instructors who didn’t speak down to the audience. I also ran into an old friend, which was great!


Anonymous Amelie Postcard from PostSecret

Anyway, I’m plugging away with the business and having fun with it. My next big purchase is Final Cut Express 4 and my next big project…make my own commercial! I know, fun right?! I think it’d be great to have on my portfolio and I thank the kind Margie who commented on my blog last week and planted the idea seed. Thank you Margie!



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