Space to Play

It’s a week before Christmas in DC and it’s snowing. The house is quiet, except for the clicking of my keyboard and music from the ‘Ashes and Snow‘ Exhibit website playing in the background. It’s the perfect music to accompany these early morning thoughts and awaken the soul.

It’s also the perfect environment to play with the creativity these moments inspire. I feel so invigorated this morning, even though I’m cocooned in my house. I’ve come to realize that having space to play and dream has been a regular occurrence with me. Growing up, I always carried a book with me so that if I felt trapped and unable to “play”, I could read and escape. In class, I was a constant daydreamer…always leaving the confinement of the moment and drifting off into a thought. And surprise, I still do it as an adult – long, unproductive and uncreative meetings send me drifting off into the movie playing on the ceiling tile…only I can see it.

space to play

Today, I’ve finally realized that I need that space to play everywhere I go and in everything I do. It helps me to be creative…it’s the way I renew and regenerate myself to be able to present myself to the world. Some of the best friendships I have are with people who, knowingly or unknowingly, allow me that space and even participate in it. I get along with people who “get” having the space to play.

And knowing this, the fact that I need to carry that space with me, means that I must now conciously seek it in my business, my career and let it help me evaluate my relationships. I finally know what makes *me* happy!

I finally know what makes me happy, ya’ll.

That’s why I’m so grateful today. This entire day just feels like a gift…a space to play. So go on! Play. Dream. Be Happy. Renew yourself.

And take pictures/video! Feel free to share! Are you on twitter? Use #space2play so I can see what makes you happy!


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