New Obsession: Event Videography

So, right now I’m pretty obsessed with Event Videography – specifically WEDDING videography! I recently read “Refocus: Cutting Edge Strategies to Evolve your Video Business” by Ron & Tasra Dawson. Even though they started out as wedding videographers, they’ve evolved into other events, blogging and podcasting; the book is amazing!

As a budding freelance feature writer and multimedia producer, I am always occupied with bringing a story to life through what I see and feel. Events, like weddings, easily combine the two – you’re able to get in, learn about someone else’s journey and create something wonderful – a memory meant to last a lifetime.

Of course, I went out on a mad search for event videographer sites and their examples – I’m truly blown away by all the talent in both video and web presentation. I’m even somewhat inspired to redo this blog (lol)! But the truth remains: the multimedia field is growing and increasingly showing new possibilities.

Even with this past weeks announcement of Apple’s iPad, it’s evident that people are seeking new ways of accessing/receiving information. As producers of content, we must keep finding new stories and great ways of telling them.

I’ll be updating this post with examples and sites…in the meantime, do you have any to add?


Update! Earlier in my search for event video, this one caught my eye…just wonderful and out of this world!

Capitale Event by DMS Productions

Or, check out the website of Meg Simone – recently featured on Ron Dawson’s blog: Blade Ronner

And, I must say, Bliss Video Productions has a really great web presence – click through to her portfolio…

Just some inspiring work…my next obsession will very likely be moving local news features…


3 thoughts on “New Obsession: Event Videography

  1. Hi Aishaj,

    Thanks for the nice comments about our work. I read a couple of your posts and enjoyed them as well. All the best. David (DMS Video Productions)

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