As 2009 ended, I took some time to sit quietly with myself and find out what 2010 would be all about. Clearly, it was the end of old stories in 2009; the end of things that stressed me or that I was clinging to in the hopes that things would change. 2010, I decided, would be the year that I would go deeper into my life and my passions. One of those passions is this blog.

I’ve had several blogs over the past 7 years that I’ve deleted, abandoned or relocated. I guess it was a part of my growing/developing life as writer and tech enthusiast that kept me changing and moving. This, in some ways, is probably the nature of the beast. However, I’ve never found a blogging consistency…I’ve always waited until my writing muse hit me to actually sit down and blog something.

That’s not what I want to do anymore.

So, I’m committing now to blog twice a week – once to say whatever is on my mind at the time, and once to post a 5×5 video/photo vignette to keep my multimedia/storytelling game tight (read: to help me find stories in everyday life through a lens).  [Here are some 5×5 Vignettes]

It may seem like a newbie move to do this, but it’s like my homework – I have to practice, practice, and practice. I may not get it right, but I’ll be happy that I at least did it. 


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