Bumping around up there

I sometimes get in these modes where my hands have to do something or put something together. I have deep need to create and plan and put together. It’s strange, but I like it! Since I got home tonight, I’ve been holed up in my workspace: sketching, planning, taking notes and putting together plans for a couple of ideas.
When I get this way, it’s just like the circle in this Mildly Creative post – I go from one idea within a topic to the next. I captured it awhile ago, thinking it was the Best Thought Ever; it was really just an insight into my own thinking.

Thinking in Circles

But, each time I hit on an idea, something new arrives, or a long hidden idea pushes to the surface (again)! So, when I’ve done all I can at the moment with “Multimedia” thinking, I move on to “Mobile/Interactive Spaces” (where I am now), which will naturally lead to “Design” and so on…

But I need help to take these things out of my head, off the paper and into the world! I don’t want to keep getting to “Mobile/Interactive Spaces” and not have something tangible – ideas are great, but what are they if you don’t work them through? Where can I go with the ideas?

I guess that’s my challenge: I should create some action steps to bring these ideas to life. Anyone want to have a heavy brainstorming session?


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