It’s Your Thing

So, things have been a little busy. All of a sudden, this part of the world started warming up again and everything came alive! I’m so glad.

If you don’t know, I’m in the midst of building my freelance business into it’s own brand (expanding on the design/multimedia/creativity theme). I’m all about supporting creative+passionate+adventurous businesses. At the moment, I’m supporting them through video. In the future, I want to help them build all types of multimedia spaces. I’ve said this before, so it’s no surprise.

Now, I’m inspired even more to bring who I am into this business and I know in my heart of hearts that this will possibly be the strangest, most awesome thing I’ve ever done. Because I know that this is my “Go Deeper, Go Further” year.

In my travels, I discovered a quote (intended for writers) that said, “We write to experience life, not the other way around.” I honestly feel like this applies to business as well – in order to experience the life we want, we must do that thing we want to do…the life will come. DUH.

So, when I say this is the “Go Deeper, Go Further” year – what I mean is that all the scratching of the surface that I’ve done in the past wonderful year now turns to digging deeper; really going in and doing MY thing in order to experience life.

That’s it.

For the next few weeks, you may not see me around the social networks as much – I’m doing some spring cleaning, taking care of a health issue and working with my current clients creative collaborators. But feel free to say hi! I’m around!


2 thoughts on “It’s Your Thing

  1. Wonderful!!! Let me know if / how I can support you in any way! Im excited for you and all of the experiences awaiting especially for you! Go get it girl! :o)

  2. Thanks Staci! We need to team up on that project you and Nev have been talking about – in fact, I was thinking about it the other day!
    I hope to be down your way in August to (finally) meet and collaborate!! Let’s do this!

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