Film Favorites

Lately I’ve been going back to films I loved as a kid to look for storytelling inspiration.

The Last Emperor

As I go back, it’s almost like revisiting an old house. Everything seems smaller, but the meaning is still big.

I dug around and found inspiration in Jeremy Thomas, the producer of “The Last Emperor” and much of Bernardo Bertolucci’s work:

An entrepreneurial spirit is an important element of being a producer, some sort of inner workings that is pushing you forward. Because there are a lot of knockbacks and you have to wear a sort of armour so you can continue believing in your films when everybody around you is telling you: “Don’t do that.”

Empire of the Sun

Another favorite! Christian Bale played the hell out of this part.


I think I watched this in summer camp on the way to Six Flags one year? Can’t remember. It’s still the best though.

The Dark Crystal

I miss Jim Henson! This was so imaginative and inventive – I remember watching a segment on HBO about how they made the movie and all the technology that went into it. Just the best.

Realism and imagination…innocence slowly pushed to the background in the face of great responsibility. This must’ve been the stuff of my childhood…


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