ADdictive? Maybe!

Having a little fun on set in Bmore. Filling in AD for a friend on Twitpic.

So, I had lots of fun today! Most of my experience has been in tv production, but the skills proved to be transferable to film as well. Today’s film is an indie production by a separate company, but my friend Dankwa Brooks was brought on to direct. Check out his Facebook page: ‘Nother Brother Entertainment

Being on set today made me appreciate the creative process and especially ramped up my visual organization skills. Dankwa’s shot list was well thought out and we definitely accomplished a lot at the location. I would love the idea of producing a short film. Maybe NaNoWriMo will inspire an idea? I hear they do scripts as well!

However, NaNoWriMo is going slowly. I’m not used to writing so much! I’m behind a bit, but hope to catch up by the end of the week. I’m filling in by writing 100 words here and there over checking my Google Feed Reader (HIGHLY addictive, btw). However, this coming week may prove to be challenging…my calendar is “packed” (relative term…it just means I have to come into the city more than twice this week on top of maintaining my decidedly suburban life…a feat that requires meticulous planning.)

The NaNoWriMo story *is* taking some interesting turns, though! Now to just need to write them.


6 thoughts on “ADdictive? Maybe!

  1. yay! Keep writing! Also, it doesn’t matter if you’re not writing *as much* — the fact that you’re writing regularly is more key. Neat to hear about the filming process, life sounds busy and creative and good!

  2. First of all THANK YOU for coming to down to Baltimore to help me out on this shoot. Your help was immense. It’s always exciting to talk to and work with people who are dedicated to being creative. As a creative genius (THEIR words not mine…I meant THEY’RE words as in they’re MY words. LOL) you can recognize other creative people. Creativity recognizes creativity!

    I also agree with spleeness when they said “it doesn’t matter if you’re not writing *as much* — the fact that you’re writing regularly is more key.” I often wish I could write more journalistically. Write now (ha ha. See the creative brilliance?) I mostly write stuff like this commentary on articles, blogs and Facebook. Write at your own pace for rushed writing equals flushed writing, meaning writing that should be flushed down the drain.

    Thank you again and thanks for the love love.

  3. Aw! No problem, Dankwa! I’m getting braver and braver when I talk about creativity thanks to running into people like you and Spleeness (aka Holly)!

  4. We are going to finish the scene tomorrow and I was looking over the shot list a few moments ago and your notes are immaculate. You were SO on point. I can’t wait to work with you again! I just had to say that. Thank you SO MUCH.

  5. Thanks, D! I wanted to be sure to note any changes made for your regular AD/future shoots & post-production! I really got a boost working with you and would be glad to do more!

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