Seriously doing what you love

So…I happened to come across the trailer for ‘Your Highness‘ this morning (hilarious – I love starting my day off with silliness). Later, as I was checking out the LA Times, I found an article on James Franco and his take on ‘127 Hours’ (which I’m dying to see! Hopefully this weekend!).

OMG – James Franco is living the dream! My dream, really. The man consecutively pursued four graduate degrees (Writing MFA at Columbia, Film at NYU Ticsch, Fiction at Brooklyn College and, according to Wikipedia “…occasionally commuting to North Carolina’s Warren Wilson College for poetry.”)

Now, he’s a PhD student at Yale and going to RISD.

Best quote from the LA Times article from Franco “…a career wasn’t worth having unless I was doing the things that interested me.”


My path has been one that I could never really explain properly (and still have a hard time doing), but it goes that I was a TV Production major in undergrad, worked for a bit in A/V and Multimedia, decided that I needed something creative and began work on an MA in Commercial Interior Design. On top of that, writing came into the mix and a bit of a love for furniture design is evolving…

People ask, nay, DEMAND that I be specific about what I want and where I’m going. I know what I want; doesn’t matter where I’m going as long as it fits the bill of being what is interesting to me. I’m finding that when you start, it can be a lonely path, but having the courage to follow it eventually puts you in great company.

In fact, duckrabbit posted this poem “Only Wakes Upon the Sea” the other day that sums it up so beautifully:

Wanderer, your footsteps are
the road, and nothing more;
wanderer, there is no road,
the road is made by walking.
By walking one makes the road,
and upon glancing behind
one sees the path
that never will be trod again.
Wanderer, there is no road–
Only wakes upon the sea.

Antonio Machado (poem translated from Spanish to English)

*Want to know more of what I’m doing? Check out Jordan Multimedia Group‘s blog. On deck: A/V consulting and the lab (or, what I do when I can’t go to four consecutive graduate programs + RISD)


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