Tech + Technique

It occurred to me as I was leaving work today that there’s a definite difference between technology and technique when it comes to multimedia & film.

A hot RED with no technique…no YOU…is just a hot RED.

On the other hand, the essence of YOUR work coming through even on a FlipCam is still absolutely powerful.

As much as we concentrate on visual output these days, there is still something to be said for the background work, the creative development or even just the thought behind the project. Doesn’t matter what lens you put it through.

The Flip Camera Movie


Beauty and Scars (Also made on Flip)


Apple of My Eye – made with iPhone 4

There are much more out there. In fact, there’s news of a feature film, “A Love Affair of Sorts” coming out in 2011 filmed entirely on a Flip.

I know this is probably old hat to most people, but as a perfectionist and career technologist, this is something that I’m constantly reminding myself right now: Technique in this stage, trumps Technology.

And as I’m sure this is probably the most boring blog read ever, it’s also an effort to better my blogging techniques in 2011. Happy New Year to me!


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