“And when he has opened himself the Teacher will say a few words, which probably do not mean very much. Or perhaps he will not say anything. The important thing is to create the right situation, both on the Teacher’s part and on the pupil’s part. And when the right situation is created, then suddenly the Teacher and the pupil are not there anymore. The Teacher acts as one entrance and the pupil acts as another, and when both doors are open there is a complete Emptiness, a complete Oneness between the two.” – chogyam trungpa

i know this feeling. it always seems to me that the deepest hurt is knowing that your journey has ended. that the fun has stopped and there is no more to be had.

love is the deepest hurt.

and that is what i was discussing with her when the doors opened and we both fell away.

she spoke, but the warmth/light radiating from the place where she sat mingled with mine and i understood how you could be full and empty at the same time.

and after we had let it be, we fell silent.  through the living room window in the front yard the trees shed their leaves and wanted nothing.


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