moldbreakers: EN Design

In a previous post, I identified that my “tribe” is probably less local than I’d imagined and is increasingly scattered across the web and the world. Moldbreakers is a multimedia series that I’m working on that highlights those that I see are breaking the mold of conformity and sameness to live creative and inspired lives. Ecstaci Davis & Neville Lee of EN Design are my first victims participants! (They are also really awesome friends and I had a great time!)


4 thoughts on “moldbreakers: EN Design

  1. We are so flattered and honored you featured us! Thank you Aisha! :o) Best Wishes and Blessings to you, Always! Florida misses you! :o)

  2. I really loved this video! I loved how you started the car scene, had the music blend in along with the GPS giving directions and then featured the team and their great sense of humor. How could I not smile hearing their wonderful philosophy? How they want to solve problems through design (haha, “not AROUND design but THROUGH design”) and also wanting to make solutions available to people who may not otherwise realize they can afford it. I didn’t realize there could be government programs for this kind of thing and it’s heartening to see how they want to offer much. Thank you for sharing!

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