About Me


 I like to make things with words, photos, video and audio. I like to play with their delivery. My interests include experimental technology, culture, design, music, art and film. You can find me on a climbing wall, working, making things or musing.

I’m in the midst of learning more about indie filmmaking and writing personal travel pieces over at jaggedmission.

You can find more of my work and art here!

*disclaimer: this blog is about my personal interests & aspirations in film, audio and other arts with random (universal?) life issues thrown in for fun. this blog will never be for or represent an employers or clients views or opinions (unless it is in support of a client project, because I believe in them). cross my heart.

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Aisha as I was checking out the stuff on your site, I said to myself – if she is an audio visual specialist – why did she just have a slide show instead of a video on this page??!! Not that I am an expert – but if that is what you are trying to tell me, as a prospective client of yours, that I need – shouldn’t you be utilizing that yourself! Just a thought!

  2. Hi Margie! Thanks for the feedback – although I am a huge proponent of multimedia and utilize it for my clients, I feel uncomfortable in “The Spotlight”! I went into TV/Multimedia Production b/c the behind-the-scenes work was so much more exciting than being the Talent!
    But, you have a great point. Things are always changing and one day, I may do a show of my own…we’ll see!

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. Aisha: you are welcome to attend any of the DC Final Cut Pro Users Group meetings.
    Next meeting is March. See http://www.dcfcpug.org for specific event dates.
    We had to reschedule our February meeting due to the SNOW.

    Warm regards,

    DCFCPUG Leader

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